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Winter Term 2018/2019

The BA-Seminar "Die Beziehungen der Türkei zu Europa - vom Osmanischen Reich bis zur Gegenwart" is held by Belkis Tuncer. 

The accession negotiations of the European Union (EU) with Turkey have not really progressed since their beginning more than 10 years ago, which is why Turkey is often described as an "eternal candidate". In recent years, relations between the EU and Turkey seem to have reached a new low. This is reflected, among other things, in the polarised and often conflict-laden discourse of the political actors on both sides. 

Against this background, the students will gain an understanding of the long and changeable history of European-Turkish relations from a political science perspective. In several thematic blocks they work on the different phases and dimensions of relations and present and discuss them in the seminar. 

Part of the seminar is also a joint event in the format of a "World Café" with students of the bachelor's programme "Political Science and International Relations" from the Turkish-German University in Istanbul. The date is expected to take place in December 2018 or January 2019 at the University of Cologne and will be announced soon.

For the MONTEUS Dossier on "Die Beziehungen der Türkei zu Europa - vom Osmanischen Reich bis zur Gegenwart" klick here: