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Winter Term 2017/2018

The BA-Seminar "EU-Turkey Relation" is held by Prof. Wolfgang Wessels, Linda Dieke and Alina Thieme. In this course, students will gain knowledge of the political system of the European Union (EU) and the institutional decision-making structure. On this basis, they will examine controversial positions within the EU and in Turkey regarding the future of EU-Turkey relations, develop a political agenda using the practical example of an EU-Turkey summit, organize in multinational teams and prepare positions papers. At the end of the seminar, the students will take the position of different negotiation partners in a simulation game together with BA-students of the Turkish-German University in Istanbul. By doing so, they will train their professional, rhetorical and intercultural competences. Following the simulation game, the students will write a seminar paper.

The grading will be based on a country and position paper and the oral contribution to the simulation game during the seminar as well as on a seminar paper in the end. The seminar is addressed to BA-students with a basic knowledge of the system of the European Union.

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