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MONTEUS will target policy makers at local, regional and national level as well as civil society by:

Six public lectures: The lectures will open the academic debate on Turkey-EU relations to civil society and the interested general public. They will not only offer deep insights into central aspects of Turkey-EU relations but also inform about current political and academic controversies. The lectures will contribute to stimula

te the knowledge on Turkey-EU relations among policy makers and civil society in Cologne and the region and enhance the visibility of the research and teaching activities in this field.

Six public lectures were held:  

  • "Bridge over troubled waters – A New Research and Teaching Agenda on the EU and Turkey-EU Relations" gathered experts from academia, practitioners, students and civil society. The event was followed by a poster exhibition and small reception to allow a continuation of the lively discussions. 

  • "Narratives and Perceptions on EU-Turkey Relations – A Differentiated Future?" was likewise open to the public and fostered the public debate on the topical issue. Three panels gave room to in-depth analysis of topics as the different national perceptions of EU-Turkey relations in different EU member states. 
  • The Joint Panel discussion by Istanbul Policy Centre and CETEUS dealt with the topic “EU-Turkey Relations in Times of Global and Regional Turmoil”. Distinguished experts from Germany and Turkey shared their views on EU-Turkey relations in exchange with a public audience.

  • "Full steam ahead? Reflections on the Future of the European Union and Developments in EU-Turkey Relations". In the framework of the CETEUS annual meeting numerous experts talked about Narrations of EU-German/Turkish Relations and Scenarios for EU-Turkey Relations, to bring this topic closer to a broad public.

  • “Narratives of Europe, Narratives for Europe – Turkey” Asst. - Prof. Dr. Ebru Turhan, Turkish-German University gave a public lecture on Turkish Narratives on EU within the international lecture series of the University of Cologne & Coimbra Group. 

  • "Narrative der EU-Türkei-Beziehungen – Kooperationen und Konflikte". Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels gave a public lecture on the narratives of EU-Turkey relations by presenting new research results to an interested audience.

For further information on MONTEUS' Public Lectures: