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Summer Term 2018

The BA-Seminar "EU-Turkey Relations in Energy Cooperation" is held by Prof. Wolfgang Wessels and Mirja Schröder. 

Guaranteeing energy security is one of the most important challenges for today's societies. Import dependency on oil and natural gas are a fact of life not only for the European Union (EU) but also for Turkey. Turkey is becoming more and more important for the delivery of gas and oil to Europe. Especially since the crises in Ukraine, Europe's interest in an additional supply through Turkey is growing steadily. According to the plans of the Turkish government, the country would become the most important energy hub of the region.

The geographical position of the country is a big advantage: More than 70% percent of the worldwide oil and gas reserves are located in close proximity to Turkey. Thus, the country may hold a key position in the distribution of oil and gas. While Turkey’s accession process has been on hold an important question arising is how Turkey and the EU evaluate a strategical energy partnership not only with regard to gas supply security but also with regard to the harmonization of the electricity and renewable energy markets.

The seminar is adressed to BA-students with a basic knowledge of the system of the European Union. It provides an introduction into the EU´s and Turkish energy policies and EU-Turkey relations evaluating possible diverging geopolitical interests, priorities as well as common challenges of the energy market. As a result, the participants develop possible scenarios for future energy cooperation. 

For the MONTEUS Dossier on  "EU-Turkey Relations in Energy Cooperation" klick here: