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Summer Term 2019

The BA-Seminar "Europäische Solidarität - Wunsch oder Wirklichkeit?" is held by Aline Bartenstein. 

Solidarity has become a political buzzword in Europe at the latest with the Treaty of Lisbon. Little wonder, because Europe has not been in crisis for more than a decade? The crises of recent years - whether financial, economic, energy, climate or refugee crisis - always mislead politicians and citizens into calling for solidarity.
Foreign policy issues (eg Russia, Turkey, Brexit) also call for European solidarity. But what are politicians talking about when they call for solidarity with EU Member States and / or European citizens? What significance does solidarity have in the individual policy areas? Is solidarity measurable? In the course of the seminar we will dedicate ourselves to a conceptualization of solidarity (theoretical concepts, legal norms, rhetoric) and on the other hand concrete case studies will be examined. 

For the MONTEUS Dossier on "Europäische Solidarität - Wunsch oder Wirklichkeit?" klick here: